To Punish and Enslave

BY Bill WhishPublished Feb 17, 2009

First of all, your guess is as good as mine as to how to pronounce the name of this PEI outfit. Secondly, trying to pin an exact comparison to their sound is almost as difficult a task as accurately uttering their name. At their core, they're death metal, but there are so many other influences from the worlds of black, death and thrash that creep into their songs that it's tough to properly categorize them. It's probably intentional, as I'm certain that most bands shun the concept of categorization, but when you grab sounds akin to the groove of Leng Tch'e, the mushy death metal fury of old Cryptopsy or even the muddled, epic scream fests of some of the first Cradle of Filth releases, you're basically making a statement of how open your songwriting sessions can be. The production quality of Uigg's debut isn't the best but under the dirty production lays a very interesting combination of some of the most intense and well-loved metal styles out there.
(Diminished Fifth)

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