Uffie Labels Lou Reed "Fucking Difficult"

Uffie Labels Lou Reed 'Fucking Difficult'
Lou Reed isn't making too many friends these days. Earlier this month, the Velvet Underground legend was booed at the Montreal Jazz Festival after performing a improv set devoid of vocals. Now, he has been criticized by electro-pop singer Uffie who has said that working with Reed was "fucking difficult."

Uffie, whose debut LP Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans came out in June, sampled the Velvet Underground's "Rock & Roll" on the album's title track. In order get the sample cleared, she had to get the song approved by Reed personally, and according to an interview with The Quietus, "It was a very not nice experience dealing with him, I have to say."

Uffie continued: "I don't know what this guy's problem is but on the credits I think it even says something like he wrote it. He gets everything... I was like, 'I hope I never hear this song again!' afterwards. It was fucking difficult because by that stage I couldn't not use the song."

Still, as Uffie admitted, "At least he let me use it. And I guess I should be goddamn thankful for that."

This is hardly the first time Reed been accused of being difficult to work with. He is notoriously scornful of music critics, and The Quietus journalist interviewing Uffie said, "I interviewed him a few years ago and he is one of the most miserable bastards I've ever come across."

Uffie's Velvet Underground-sampling track is embedded below.