Uffie Finally Sets Release Date for Debut Album

BY Stephen CarlickPublished Apr 9, 2010

Electro-pop MC Uffie has spent more than four years in music industry purgatory. After dropping her first single "Pop the Glock" in 2006 and appearing on Justice's "Tthhee Ppaarrttyy" in 2007, Uffie gained a boatload of Myspace friends and blog buzz before falling off the radar (read: having a kid, getting married, then divorced, in that order) for a couple of years. Now, the provocative, in-your-face singer is finally preparing to release her debut studio effort.

Spin reports that on June 8, Ed Banger, Because Music and Elektra will release Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans, which will feature production from longtime collaborators Feadz and Mr. Oizo, as well as Madonna producer Mirwais and Ed Banger peer SebastiAn.

Uffie has invited Pharrell to drop a verse on the forthcoming single "ADD SUV," and ex-Rapture bassist/vocalist Matt Safer to appear on album track "Illusion of Love."

The Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans tracklist, which you can see below, includes previous singles "MC's Can Kiss" (which we told you about late last year) and "Pop the Glock," as well as a cover of Siouxsie and the Banshees' "Hong Kong Garden."

You watch see the "Pop the Glock" video in all its grainy camera focus, crotch-shot-crammed, vivid-colour-patterned glory under the tracklist. Seriously, the thing's like a three and a half minute ad for American Apparel.

Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans:

1. "Pop The Glock"
2. "Art of Uff"
3. "ADD SUV" (ft. Pharrell)
4. "Give It Away"
5. "MC's Can Kiss"
6. "Difficult"
7. "First Love"
8. "Sex Dreams & Denim Jeans"
9. "Our Song"
10. "Illusion Of Love" (ft. Matt Safer)
11. "Neuneu"
12. "Brand New Car"
13. "Hong Kong Garden" (Siouxsie and the Banshees cover)

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