U-God Sues the Wu-Tang Clan for $2.5 Million

U-God Sues the Wu-Tang Clan for $2.5 Million
The Wu-Tang Clan supposedly ain't nothing to fuck with, but member U-God is going to try anyway. The rapper, who has been part of the collective since its inception, has filed a massive lawsuit claiming unpaid royalties.

According to TMZ, U-God is suing for $2.5 million USD in unpaid royalties. Despite having contributed verses to 170 Wu-Tang songs, the rapper claims he hasn't been paid out for at least six years.

This includes U-God's share of the whopping $2 million price tag on Wu-Tang's Once Upon a Time in Shaolin LP, which was sold to pop culture supervillain Martin Shkreli. The rapper is also supposed to be paid out bi-annually for Wu-Tang merch sales, another thing he claims he's missing out on.

The lawsuit demands for a complete accounting of Wu-Tang's revenue streams, alleging that RZA and his brother Mitchell Diggs are unfairly distributing Wu profits.

Stay tuned for more on this case as it unfolds.