Ty Dolla $ign "Stand For" (prod. by Diplo and DJ Dahi) (video)

Ty Dolla $ign 'Stand For' (prod. by Diplo and DJ Dahi) (video)
The excellence of Ty Dolla $ign's "Stand For" single has been inflated via the release of brand new, balloon-infested video.

As the anthemic boom of Diplo and DJ Dahi's beat ushers us into the track, a car-set camera examines the sights of Dolla $ign's neighbourhood. Soon enough, the rapper is seen spitting lines back and forth with his helium-filled, floating doppelgänger. He's not the only lucky one to possess a severed-head partner, with the whole city seen holding the miniature variations of themselves up high on street corners and at house parties. The support system-styled visuals back up Ty Dolla $ign's lines about standing up for yourself, your friends and your beliefs.

You can catch the video for "Stand For" down below.