BY Ava MuirPublished Aug 26, 2016

One of the newest signings to Toronto's eclectic Buzz Records, Twist prove that they fit perfectly into the family with the release of their debut record, Spectral. First formed in 2013 as a collaborative duo between Laura Hermiston and Brian Borcherdt of Holy Fuck (who helped co-produce), Spectral is an album drenched in reverb and shimmering with lo-fi pop anthems.
The West coast vibe kicks off with the sweet and beachy melodies of "Pavement" and carries throughout each of the albums 11 tracks. Though it's a sound that has been tackled by many over the years, Twist offer their own fresh take on the genre of fuzzy, sun-kissed anthems, adding flair to provide each song with more than enough to stand out on its own. Hermiston's distinct vocals and thoughtful lyricism casts her in the same light as fellow Buzz powerhouses like Katie Monks and Jasmyn Burke, fierce, dynamic and driven frontwomen who are confident in their artistry and have every reason to be.
The feeling of being hopeful yet apathetic pervades Spectral, manifesting itself in the form of dreamy yelps, coos and sudden breakdowns on "Can't Wait," Hermiston's melancholic drawl on "Soaked," (a standout collaboration with Charlie Rowell of Crocodiles) and the taunting, experimental buildup of "Sin Monster." Album closer "Where to Lie" is an exceptional finish, entwining modest acoustics with Hermiston's gentle melodies.
Spectral, Twist have created a powerful debut record that will resonate with many, and further cements Buzz's reputation as one of the finest independent record labels.

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