Twentyinchburial How Much Will We Laugh and Smile?

Though inundated by generic mosh squeals and breakdowns, Twentyinchburial’s brand of upbeat, punk oriented metalcore somehow manages to carry itself through the entirety of the record with dignity. Their fierce melodic foundation has a Boy Sets Fire edge based in a simpler punk rock approach close to that of Stretch Armstrong. They’re at their best when it comes to texturing melodies and venturing through a number of different styles. There are enough clean vocal sing-a-alongs to keep the hardcore dabblers happy and enough mosh to appeal to the modern metalcore fan. Their heavier influences range anywhere from classic Iron Maiden riffing to the bastardised North American leeching of Atreyu. These faux-metal moments threaten to bring the record into the realms of mainstream mediocrity but their curious blend of all things aggressive saves them from the fate of the new MTV "screamo” generation. (Immigrant Sun)