Tweedy "Flowering"

Tweedy 'Flowering'
While we've already heard a good portion of Tweedy's forthcoming debut, Sukierae, the record won't blossom in full until its September 16 street date via dBpm. That said, the family band of Wilco leader Jeff Tweedy and his son Spencer just may leak the whole thing ahead of time, having just delivered another stream. This time its for the album's "Flowering."

The track is fairly low-key, with Spencer laying down a '70s canyon country-style groove for his father to place funky bass, acoustic strums and swampy lead licks atop. The patriarch sings about howling at the ground on the track, but delivers this news in a much more hushed tone.

The song isn't so much a grower as its title would imply, and you can check it out down below.