Turntablerocker Classic

Classic marks the first venture into collaborative territory for two German DJ/producers who are undoubtedly veterans of the club scene in Stuttgart. Michi Beck's ( aka Hausemarke) individual projects largely owe their sound and influence to the East Coast hip-hop sound, R&B and soul. It's no surprise then he was involved in inception of the first German-language hip-hop outfit, Die Fantastischen Vier, back in the late '80s. DJ Thomilla's history is not that much different, with his ventures into the club circuit of Stuttgart, filling the dance floors with funky as well as hip-hop beats. With Classic, Hausemarke and Thomilla put on record what they discovered originally in the live context, which is perhaps why the tracks pack a powerful punch without ever being audaciously aggressive just for the sake of it. Discovering their affinity at Stuttgart's club Red Dog, the duo have taken their love for danceable hip-hop, soul and R&B-inflected songs into the studio. Several separate projects and releases later, it is as if the overall effect of Classic is a culmination of tried and tested mixing. So you have utterly danceable and two-step worthy tracks like "No Melody" and sample-laden, tongue-in-cheek moments strewn in for good measure. It is also a chance for Turntablerocker to pay tribute to old school funk through tracks like "A Little Funk" while throwing in some really back to basics synth riffs in "Boom" and honouring the '80s with the infectious "Yo Baby." Overall, a seductive party album that is not cannon fodder for the charts. (Columbia)