Turin Brakes


BY Chris WhibbsPublished Aug 1, 2005

Having long lost the "new Coldplay” tag about, oh, two years ago, Olly Knights and Gale Paridjanian are still plying their soft, harmonising voices and delicate pop to the masses, hoping to inspire as they used too. Unfortunately, their unwillingness to truly expand their formula hampers this effort, but they do manage to churn out a couple of catchy singles that charm. The most guilty of pleasures is "Over And Over,” which finds its heart in the driving, lush chorus where the luscious harmonies, acoustic guitar and slight organ pull together to interest those who find emo Brits and their ilk boring. In fact Turin Brakes are at their best when the songs are muscular and confident, both in music and voice, with "Asleep with the Fireflies” and "JackInABox” being some other notable examples. It’s when songs like "Forever” show up that the cracks in Turin Brakes façade become apparent. It’s not that the song is bad — it’s not — it just tends to lull and pass by unnoticed, like a particularly unfulfilling snack. JackInABox will delight those who love their earlier stuff, but for others, there really isn’t enough here to sink your teeth into to make you spring to the record store.

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