Turin Brakes Ether Song

After starting their career in the middle of the short-lived New Acoustic movement, Turin Brakes have become true stars of the post-Buckley, melancholic ballad. They remain in their own little universe, like peers Travis and Coldplay, practising a certain acoustic space rock sound that generally doesn’t fly for most acts. Building on their strong debut, The Optimist, Ether Song immediately shows how accomplished and confident the pair now are. Olly Knights and Gale Paridjanian play well off each other; blending vocals magically, while adding new elements other than the previously featured guitars and drums. "Falling Down” and "Full of Stars,” most notably, add Dark Side Of The Moon effects, instantly broadening what once seemed like a limited scope. The fact that it was recorded in L.A. is fairly obvious, since the mood is a little less tense and open to a more relaxed tone on tracks like "Pain Killer” and "Panic Attack”; two titles that should scream in agony, but don’t. Ether Song is a triumph. (Source)