Tupac Shakur Musical Cancelled After Six-Week Run

Tupac Shakur Musical Cancelled After Six-Week Run
The last few years haven't exactly been kind to musical adaptations of contemporary musicians. Following iffy Broadway showings from Green Day and U2, a touring Jesus Christ Superstar musical starring members of Sex Pistols, Incubus and 'N Sync was cancelled before it could even begin. The next pop culture-referencing musical to hit the chopping block? The Tupac-themed work called Holler If Ya Hear Me.

Initially announced in 2012, the show opened last month, on June 19, at Broadway's Palace Theatre. Six weeks after it opened, however, the Tupac musical — which starred rapper Saul Williams as Tupac Shakur — is already coming to a close.

As the New York Times reports [via Pitchfork], the show was "one of the worst-selling musicals of recent years." Despite its $8 million cost, the show never brought in more than $175,000 in gross sales. Last week, only 45 per cent of its seats were sold.

Eric L. Gold, one of the lead producers of the show, told the Times that the show's demise is related to "the financial burdens of Broadway," adding, "I was unable to sustain this production longer in order to give it time to blood on Broadway." He also admitted that he underestimated how much revenue they'd need to make the show work, calling it a "rookie mistake."

"My hope is that a production of this caliber, powerful in its story-telling, filled with great performances and exciting contemporary dance and music will eventually receive the recognition it deserves." Gold continued. "Tupac's urgent socially important insights and the audiences' nightly rousing standing ovations deserve to be experienced by the world."

Watch footage of Holler If Ya Hear Me below.