Tumbledown Tumbledown

So this is Mike Herarra's (of MxPx) new country project. Fundamentally the music is quite strong: upbeat, fast-tempo, punk-inspired country tunes about women and drinking. Where the album falters somewhat is in Herarra's delivery. When he sings, "I came here to drink/I came here to fight/I'm all out of booze so let's take this outside" on "Came Here to Fight," it's difficult to take his pop punk-soaked voice seriously. Still, tracks like "Butcher of San Antone," where Herarra allows his voice a little more vitriol (accompanied by a ripping lead guitar) showcase what this band are capable of. Throw in the occasional slower number like "Movin' On," where the nasally vocals complement rather than hinder the song, and you end up with what turns out to be a decent country punk album. (End Sounds)