Tubers Shell Out

There's a lot more than meets the eye to Tuber's latest release, Shell Out. The noisy indie punk group have a little gem hiding beneath their rackety guitars and scratchy vocals: their stellar ability to write mean poetry. If they weren't abrasive rockers these guys would excel as English majors. They incorporate literary devices such as analogies, pathetic fallacies, allusions and symbolism in a fashion that would make even the cruellest of English teachers proud. There is beauty in lines such as, "so whether or not this downpour is significantly torrential and whether or not this substance is readily substantial, will miss the point entirely, which will undermine entirety, bringing us back to where we started in the first place." Instead of having their prose and comparisons to bodies and nature shine, the lyrics unfortunately hide in the corners behind short songs and a messy presentation. Shell Out is an intelligent album solid in music and lyrics but sloppy in execution. (Bakery Outlet)