TTNG "Adventure, Stamina & Anger" on Exclaim! TV

TTNG 'Adventure, Stamina & Anger' on Exclaim! TV
Math rock outfit TTNG may be known better to some as This Town Needs Guns, having changed their name in 2012 with the release of their sophomore record Their title was indeed an ironic one, with firearms being relatively uncommon in their native United Kingdom. (In what was a smart decision, the band felt it was best to separate their work from any implications of gun violence.)

During a recent stopover in Toronto, we invited vocalist Henry Tremain and guitarist Tim Collis to the Exclaim! office to record an acoustic performance of their 2011 single "Adventure, Stamina and Anger."

The tune's intricate main riff is quite well suited to an acoustic guitar, as Collis effortlessly glides through it while Tremain provides a steady bass line. His soft vocals, often reaching up into the falsetto range, are accented nicely by Collis' impressive six-string work, which are highlighted by some incredibly accurate finger picking.

Watch the performance now in the player below.

Filmed and edited by Katherine Kwan
Audio by Kyle Laurin

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