TTNG "Left Aligned" on Exclaim! TV

TTNG 'Left Aligned' on Exclaim! TV
2015 certainly kept TTNG busy. Having wrapped up a lengthy North American tour, the UK-based math-rock trio have now announced the completion of their forthcoming and presently untitled studio album. As an added bonus for those looking to test their guitar prowess, TTNG has promised a tab book to accompany the upcoming project. Now, all we can do is wait.

To whet your appetite, here's another cut from their recent acoustic session filmed at the Exclaim! HQ in downtown Toronto, a stripped-down rendition of their 2013 single "Left Aligned."

Vocalist Henry Tremain and guitarist Tim Collis appear lost in a musical world of their own making, with their playing demonstrating impeccable timing and complementary dynamics. As seen in our previous episode, which captured the equally mesmerizing "Adventure, Stamina, and Anger," Tremain's smooth vocals paired with the lithe finger work and delicate harmonics Collis presents on guitar gives us but a small taste of the complex musicality to come on the new album.

Watch their performance in the player below.

Filmed by Katherine Kwan and Roberto Granados-Ocon
Audio by Kyle Laurin
Edited by Katherine Kwan

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