Truth Hurts "Naked" (ft. Joe Young) (prod. John Frusciante)

Truth Hurts 'Naked' (ft. Joe Young) (prod. John Frusciante)
We've been hearing rumblings of collaborations between R&B singer Truth Hurts (a.k.a. Shari Watson) and ex-Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist John Frusciante for some time, and now we can hear a track from these musical allies.

"Naked" also features Joe Young, and it's reflective of Frusciante's recent interest in jittery, hyperactive beat-making. It features a mix of soulful hooks and rapping along with fast-paced, restless rhythms, with the whole thing clocking in at just 90 seconds.

Hear it below. It's being promoted as part of the politically charged campaign #AllLivesMatter.