Trust Company The Lonely Position of Neutral

Charisma is an under-utilised when breaking a new band into an over-saturated music scene. But Trust Company draws on their magnetism in so many different ways on their debut CD, The Lonely Position of Neutral. Firstly, vocalist Kevin Palmer charms by singing with the tip of his voice resting somewhere deep within his throat. He whispers secrets about himself (very personal secrets) into the ears of the listener while his well-placed outbursts urgently make his point. The disc successfully places its footing in two camps. It is a pop record in every possible sense, curbing comparisons to nu metal giants like Linkin Park. But the rhythm section of Josh Moates (bass) and Jason Singleton (drums) gives The Lonely Position of Neutral an edge on the harder side. The third track, "Hover," is a truly beautiful and maturely written song that lyrically walks through the woods of self-doubt and rejection. But the record begs for extra layers of sound, as this kind of charisma needs a bigger platform. (Universal)