Trulz & Robin feat. Baseman Intersexual

Suddenly electro-sexual theme albums seem to be all the rage. What is it about tacky ’80s synths and too much makeup that makes people want to get it on? We may never know. In any event Intersexual fits the already-tired pigeonhole perfectly. And starting out with a track called "Weiner” featuring Arildo Dildo, it’s hard not to see this all going downhill very, very quickly. But it would be wrong to just dismiss it out of hand. More than anything, though, this is one weird dance album, in the Talking Heads’ Fear of Music tradition. "Fersk Fest” whips out the acid and "She’s Dancing” gets on the dancing shoes. The title track is proof that they’ve been listening to Dizzee Rascal more than a little, with that "Big Beat” rip-off — in a good way, actually — drum break. Sadly the vocals ruin the party, as they do everywhere here. It’s not that this is a bad album, there are a few good ideas here, and credit is due for being leftfield in execution, but there’s nothing obviously good here either. (Planet Noise)