Trigger The Bloodshed Purgation

Hailing from across the pond and clearly progressing independently of North American trends, Trigger the Bloodshed play unrelenting, speedy death metal with a grindcore slant, and the occasional metalcore-ish, mosh-y moment to break up the monotony. While this type of fusion has been attempted with varying degrees of success in the past, these guys come across a fair bit more merciless and aggressive than their Stateside counterparts. At points where other groups would rein it in for predictable breakdowns, gang vocals or something else comparably wimpy, Trigger the Bloodshed choose to speed up, throw in a tech run or in some cases, abruptly end the song. This level of intensity helps separate them from the current influx of deathcore bands hammering away at the same tired Dying Fetus knock-off riffs and plants them more in the death/grind realm. While their refusal to water down their approach works largely in their favour, it also restricts them somewhat — this kind of thing does wear a bit thin past the half-hour point and there is little to latch on to here, hook-wise, aside from some pointless interludes comprised mostly of barnyard animal sounds. Nonetheless, Purgation is an appropriately brutal recording for when one is craving something along these lines, and shows some potential for future refinement. Thicker production and a shorter running time would go a long way to helping them achieve this. (Metal Blade)