Trent Reznor Working on His Very Own Videogame

Trent Reznor Working on His Very Own Videogame
With Nine Inch Nails no longer playing live shows, Trent Reznor obviously needs to keep himself busy with something new. There have already been hints of several new Reznor projects, including a collaboration with Gary Numan, and now the NIN man has dropped word of yet another one: his own videogame.

In a recent interview with Joystiq [via TwentyFourBit], Reznor revealed that he and NIN graphic designer Rob Sheridan have been working on a game for quite some time, but so far gaming publishers have yet to bite on the idea.

"Rob and I have some things on the side that we've been working on and one of the things we've been talking about doing is publishing or developing videogames," Reznor said. "A few years ago, we took that idea to a few of the main publishers, Midway, Activision, etc. And as first-time people in a pitch meeting, it was kind of depressing. Depressing to see that the people in control of those studios and publishers are much the same as the people sitting at record companies."

That said, Reznor explained that now that there are no record labels or busy touring schedules to bog him down he and Sheridan are planning what he calls a "dumb and obvious" game, minus some major corporate backing.

"We're working on some things that will start to come into fruition post-Nine Inch Nails and post-our tour," Reznor said. "That's one of the reasons I'm stopping the tour, because there are all these other things that I've been wanting to do that are outside playing shows.

"While I enjoy doing Nine Inch Nails and touring, I've done it enough where there are a lot of other things I'd like to get into. One of those things, well, I'm probably saying too much, because if it doesn't happen then I'll have to answer questions about it for the next five years. Let's just say that one of the things that's highest priority for me and Rob is the development of some entertainment-based videogame-type stuff."

Unfortunately, Reznor did not reveal when we could perhaps see, or play, his latest project.