Trench Town Oddities Days & Nights

The Trench Town Oddities seem to have the right attitude. Just a couple guys from Cornwall, ON, the roots rock quintet posses a sound that likes to laugh and joke around while strumming out some catchy porch-side melodies. Fun and games seems to be the motto of Days & Nights, giving this debut CD a distinctive carpe diem-type feel about its playful percussion and randy rhythms but considering the fact that front-man Sean Harley has shared the stage with Sum 41, Kim Mitchell and the Headstones, this latest project isn’t his most refined. Rough and straggling vocals jump around a little too much, taking songs like "Never Let You Fall” and "Sometimes” down a few pegs from where they should be. Similarly, "Working Again” can’t help but nosedive into its own earthy, straw bedding thanks to overly simplistic, colourless riffs. It’s true that Harley wants to keep Trench Town Oddities on the outskirts of the music industry, thereby avoiding all of the pressures and struggles associated with being an up-and-coming band, but if they ever want to take a more serious path, they’re going to have to put down the pints and pick up some pens.