BY Ryan B. PatrickPublished Mar 10, 2015

TreeHouse! have been doing their thing for a minute now. The South Carolina group have fashioned a contemporary reggae vibe and largely have the sound down pat. The thing with TreeHouse! has been about successfully migrating a live sound to a worthy studio effort, but that's proved difficult for them here, as singing about well worn themes of redemption, positive vibes and the Promised Land can only take the band so far at this point. Tracks like "Follow Your Passion," "Love of Money," "Feeling Irie" and Babylon Pressure" come off pretty much how you would expect songs with these titles would, for example. The lyrics on the level of "Took a hit of the ganja today / Now I feel like I'm floating away" — that sort of thing.
Musically, the band have the genre sound locked in, with competent vocals throughout. Much like a toke now and then, TreeHouse! are arguably a harmless diversion; they are welcome faces on the concert circuit scene and this studio project gives the fan base what they want. Those seeking more future-minded reggae, however, might want to inhale elsewhere.

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