Trance of Mine Reflections

Montreal-based Trance of Mine walk the now common fine line between metal and goth music. The group compares themselves to Evanescence, and with good reason. Their vocalist, Isabel Plant, carries a similarly wraithlike presence while behind her efforts lie a mixture of rocking guitar and bass that completes their attempt for a dichotomy of aggression and spirituality. And yet, despite their hard work, the biggest problem facing Trance of Mine is that their sound barely stands out. Songs like "Reality” are too guitar-driven to appeal to fans of goth, yet too watered down to work well as metal. And most other tracks seem to blend into one another. Trance of Mine would benefit from an injection of creativity, especially if they are to be relevant in the world of dark music. There is definitely a fan base out there for them. There is just not much behind their songs that will hold any attention the group might manage to draw. (Gaia Disk)