Trainwreck Riders Lonely Road Revival

Gritty roots rockers Trainwreck Riders have made their name thus far via barnstorming live performances in a variety of rooms on the seedier streets of their native San Francisco. Lonely Road Revival, their debut full-length album, attempts the always tricky move of capturing the tunes of a rollicking, play-anywhere live act on boring old tape. For the most part, the band (friends of Two Gallants, their bio helpfully tells us) are successful, the cosmic Byrds-style country pop of "Through Unto the End” and the Johnny Cash-meets-psych-rock "Wine Stains” being particular highlights. Elsewhere the foursome tip their hats in the direction of Neil Young ("In The Wake Of It All”), the Replacements ("Alemony Wildlife Refuge”) and old-time-y country ("Rocks At Your Window”). Their thoughts, however, remain distracted by the present; the titular ladies of "Your Sisters and Your Sisters’ Friends,” for example, have, like "the country we used to have,” been "kidnapped by Republicans.” (Alive!)