Training For Utopia Throwing A Wrench Into The American Music Machine

Training For Utopia have thrown off the shackles of imitation that marred their last release, Plastic Soul Impalement, and have made one of the most adventurous, confusing, obtuse and exciting records of the year. While elements of Training For Utopia’s previous fixation with the noisier sides of the hardcore/metal scene remain (think Coalesce and Deadguy) they’re overshadowed by industrial influences, softer, sombre moments and a general air of experimentation. The leadoff track, “50,000 Screaming TFU Fans Can’t Be Wrong,” is an excellent example of Training for Utopia’s ability to write a simply smothering metal/noiscore assault while adding some industrial leanings at the end. Training For Utopia have gone from imitators to innovators over the course of a single album. While much of this album isn’t as heavy as previous Training For Utopia fare, and they’ll probably take a serious pounding from traditionalists everywhere, it’s simply remarkable that this album is as good as it is and succeeds despite the constant genre experimentation and all-out aggression. This should spawn equal numbers of champions and detractors — isn’t that what good music should accomplish? (Solid State)