Towers of London Blood, Sweat & Towers

Britain’s Towers of London, are hard to figure out. Are they genuinely recreating ’70s punk, or is it all one big contrived spoof? Like the Darkness’s take on ’80s hair metal, the band are probably hoping to come off as real, but they don’t mind if a few people laugh at them in the process. Old punks will dig the band’s Ramones-meets-Sex Pistols vibe — especially the anthemic "Fuck It Up” — but the enjoyment won’t last long as the novelty quickly wears off. At best these guys sound like a punk rock cover band. Their songs are fun at first, but upon serious inspection, it’s all pretty mediocre — especially "Good Time,” a track that sounds more like Twisted Sister than Johnny Rotten. If you like your music kitschy then Blood, Sweat & Towers is the way to go, otherwise just throw on your old Ramones records. (TVT)