Torture Division Evighetens Dårar

Proving that sometimes the most unconventional of concepts inspires interesting results, Swedish old school death metal brigade Torture Division finally help us understand why they opted to create three separate pieces to their Evighetens Dårar demo, dubbed I (2009), II (2010) and III, respectively. Not only did it create some semblance of anticipation around how successive chapters would unfold, but it also allowed them time to ruminate on what they'd done and alter accordingly. The results of such a methodical process are most evident on this compilation of all three affairs, simply dubbed Evighetens Dårar. Confused yet? Yeah, while creating crushing rhythms and bowel-rupturing vocal lines akin to what made members' previous outings in the likes of the Project Hate, Entombed, Grave and Vomitor so cool comes easy, naming stuff isn't Torture Division's greatest strength. Regardless, with double-time chug riffs, cryptic guitar leads and the aforementioned bellowing, this half-hour of formative death metal is impressive. And again, while the process is weird, hearing the variation and refinement from opener "Traumatic Inhuman Severance" through to the title track in one fell swoop is far more powerful than the previously released titbits. (Abyss)