Silver Tongue

BY Daniel SylvesterPublished Jan 28, 2020

Since her moody, folk-tinged debut in 2013, Mackenzie Scott (aka Torres) has become progressively more fascinating over each LP. With the release of Silver Tongue, the Nashville-based singer-songwriter should finally shake the torpid comparisons to PJ Harvey and St. Vincent.
Her fourth full-length doesn't show Torres boldly moving into new sonic territories, as much of the album finds her splitting the difference between the disparate expressive modes presented over her first three releases. The truth is, Scott has simply grown into an authentic and bold songwriter.
On tracks like "Good Scare" and "Records of Your Tenderness," Scott superbly merges buoyant beats with hypnotic guitar and emotive vocals to craft something otherworldly. Lyrically, Scott sounds beamingly vulnerable, singing endlessly to a lover that she simultaneously adores ("Gracious Day") and reviles ("Good Scare"). At just nine tracks and 36 minutes, Silver Tongue runs the gamut on aural and ethereal moods, leaving Torres with one her most emotionally fulsome and satisfying records.
(Merge Records)

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