Top 10 Memorable Moments from Odd Future's Crazy Year

Top 10 Memorable Moments from Odd Future's Crazy Year
In 2011, there was no group who incited more controversy than Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All. This Los Angeles rap collective drew ire and adoration in equal doses, repeatedly landing in the headlines thanks to their offensive lyrics, rowdy onstage shenanigans, and prolific musical output.

Attempting to sift through all that Odd Future accomplished in 2011 is a daunting task, so, to make it easier for the group's many new fans, here is a list of the 10 highlights from their crazy year. Sure, some of the music was great, but it's really these tabloid-worthy headlines that made Odd Future the act on everybody's mind in 2011.

Top 10 Memorable Moments from Odd Future's Crazy Year:

10. Loiter Squad TV show

In addition to releasing music, Odd Future have undertaken cross-media projects including an art book and this TV show for Adult Swim. Although it hasn't actually premiered yet, the show is said to be a "Jackass-style showcase" with "sketches, man on the street segments, pranks and music from Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All." We're already cringing at the grossness that's bound to ensue.

9. Odd Future Records

Just about any label under the sun would have been eager to sign this much-buzzed group. In characteristically uncompromising fashion, however, the band eschewed a big record deal in favour of starting their own imprint. With some help from Sony's RED Distribution, this means that Odd Future can retain control of their own product and never have to bend to meet the needs of a label. Or at least in theory.

8. Frank Ocean Arrested

This smooth-singing crooner temporarily landed in jail back in April for an unknown offence. But far more memorable than his brief time behind bars was the anti-police tirade that ensued, as he took to Twitter and unleashed threats like "fuck the police. fuck LAPD to be specific. fuck a cop, non-stop" and "I have no respect for police. I swear if i weren't sane in mind I'd throw a fuckin molotov in a cop car right now." We have only one guess as to which N.W.A. track was blasting when he got back home.