Toolshed Relapse

Press play and two cartoon children beckon to you with their highly polarised thoughts — their voices scratched and manipulated for hip-hop effect by DJ Dubble — before a few samples build into a dark, slamming anthem that serves as the soundtrack for the Toolshed trio of Timbuktu, Choke and Psybo to grab you by the throat and proceed to shake you around the dance floor with their in-your-face lyrical braggadocio. "Texas Rangers” is not only the perfect introduction to Relapse, it is also one of many songs (more than half, in fact) recorded at the Cabin as a sequel of sorts to their Cabin Fever album, also recorded there. Much of the album has an atmosphere of fear and paranoia, with some songs sliding into slasher smut, like the title track and "Day Like This.” Another standout track is "Wookie Boots,” a mutated crossbreeding of Darth Vader’s "Imperial March,” a bit of organ and Chewbacca’s growl with a wicked little intro from Bob & Doug Mackenzie and plenty of sci-fi fan boy rap swagger. Relapse also features a few production contributions from fellow Backburner beatsmith Fresh Kils, guest appearances from like-minded London MCs Fritz the Cat (OK Cobra) and Selfhelp (Bending Mouth), and most importantly, Psybo (who’s too often overlooked!) steps his game up immensely with a variety of flows. A dark party album, Relapse is perfect for the cottage kegger or around the bonfire. Add hallucinogens at your own risk! (Dehsloot)