Tony Iommi Set to Release Memoir Later This Year

Tony Iommi Set to Release Memoir Later This Year
"A genre-bending rockology/life story that is Angela's Ashes meets The Ground Beneath Her Feet meets Spinal Tap."

That's what Peter McGuigan, creator of Foundry Literary + Media, calls his latest publishing deal for a memoir from Black Sabbath guitarist/mainstay Tony Iommi.

As Publisher's Weekly reports, McGuigan battled with competitor Da Capo for the rights to print the heavy metal guru's autobiography during an auction. At the end of it all, he came out on top, paying an undisclosed six figures. At that, the deal is not even international, applying solely to the U.S. Unsurprisingly, the affair, due out later this year, will be dubbed Iron Man.

Iommi was not at the auction. Blabbermouth notes that he's still recovering from stem-cell treatment on an injured hand. Iommi told press that the cartilage had worn out between the joints, adding that, "It was bone to bone and it was getting a bit painful."

At the Freddie Mercury tribute with Queen and James Hetfield: