Tonight is Glory The Vision And Reality

Metalcore acts are spreading like the plague; Tonight Is Glory are one more member of the pack and they follow the conventional sounds to a tee. Chugging guitars, breakdowns and the often favoured switch between howling screams and soaring melodic vocals are present on The Vision And Reality. The most obvious fact after listening to "Horizons," the album's heavy yet catchy opener, is how akin TIG are to Underoath. The record features reverberating guitar tones contrasted with muted dismay, drum kit assaults and breakdowns a plenty, and there's an eerie vocal similarity. If you can put these elements aside then you may really like this album for its solid musicianship — Underoath are an instrumental behemoth, after all — and accept Tonight Is Glory for what they are. The Vision And Reality has some awesomely decimating tracks, like "I'm the King," "The Man In The White Suite" and "Exciting Forms of Destruction." Yes, TIG are one more fish in an ever growing pond but they certainly aren't bottom feeders. (Standby)