Tommy Lee Drumming on Smashing Pumpkins' 'Monuments to an Elegy'

Tommy Lee Drumming on Smashing Pumpkins' 'Monuments to an Elegy'
Smashing Pumpkins have seen an army's worth of musicians play alongside founder Billy Corgan over the years, and the long-running project have confirmed a rather big-time new addition to the ranks for their upcoming Monuments to an Elegy LP: Mötley Crüe skinsman Tommy Lee.

The team-up with the heavy metal great was confirmed on the Pumpkins' website last night (May 7), via a quick studio update and a pic of Corgan and Lee just chillin' at the mixing board.

"Just finished round 1 of tracking drums with Tommy Lee for the new the Smashing Pumpkins album. Shockla-locka-boom," the report confirms, adding "Yes, that T Lee for all 9 songs of Monument to an Elegy [sic]."

While it's unclear at present if Lee was hitting the skins while orbiting in his legendary spinning drum cage, the announcement made it clear that he'll be appearing on previously teased tracks going by the working titles of "Beige Beige (World's on Fire)," "Tiberius," "Drum and Fife" and "Monuments," among others.

Monuments to an Elegy and sister set Day for Night are expected to be released sometime in 2015 via new label home BMG.