Tomahawk "Oddfellows"

Tomahawk 'Oddfellows'
Tomahawk are nearing the release of their long-awaited fourth LP Oddfellows, which vocalist Mike Patton will issue through his Ipecac Recordings imprint on January 29. The band previously teased the set with the relatively straight-forward rocker "Stone Letter," but have now unveiled the uncomfortably weird and mathy title track.

The song latches onto a stilted 7/4 rhythm that has six-stringer Duane Denison delivering the wriggly, atonal fret-climbing riffs and chunky power-chord damage he offered in his Jesus Lizard days. Patton opts out on the drunken madman vocal ejaculations of that project's David Yow in favour of his familiar melding of multi-layered crooning, and onomatopoeic grunts and whispers. The effect is no less unsettling.

Check it out below courtesy of Brooklyn Vegan.

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