Tomahawk "M.E.A.T."

Tomahawk 'M.E.A.T.'
If you couldn't get enough of the sounds from Tomahawk's last LP, 2013's Oddfellows, you may be in luck. The Mike Patton-fronted rock eccentrics have delivered a two-song 7-inch featuring outtakes from the recording sessions and are sharing the wax single's "M.E.A.T."

The interlocking percussive pound, chunky bass lines and atmospheric six-stringing of Duane Denison initially make the track sound like it was actually a B-side from the guitarist's Jesus Lizard project (think Liar's "Gladiator"), but Patton's soft and pretty lines about "trafficking blood" add another eerie dimension to the arrangement. Eventually, the band cook up a punkier passage that ramps the vocalist's diverse pipes into more of a gargoyle's grunt.

You can chew on "M.E.A.T." in the stream down below.

The single arrived on vinyl last month and was released digitally this week.