Tom Waits to Release New Music Next Week?

Tom Waits to Release New Music Next Week?
While yesterday (August 16), a post on Tom Waits's website cryptically hinted that the iconic oddball troubadour would unleash some new material next week, fans received an extra tip on what's to come via an accidental beans-spilling on Amazon.

The original post pointed to some sort of release being in the works: "There have been rumblings and rumors. New music from Tom Waits, you say? Come to on Tuesday August 23rd, and Mr. Waits himself will set the record straight," it reads.

At the time, it was unclear -- intentionally, mind you -- exactly what the gruff-throated crooner had in store.

Some sleuthing by TwentyFourBit on online shopping hub Amazon, however, has revealed that the singer has at least one new tune coming our way.

A product page on the retailer confirms that Waits will unleash a single called "Bad As Me" next Tuesday (August 23) and posted artwork for the track as well. That's it up above. So far it looks as the track will only be released digitally, but hopefully a physical release is on its way as well.

Despite spoiling the surprise, there's still a chance Waits has more up his sleeve. Maybe an official announcement of that supposed studio album? Or at least a B-side to "Bad As Me"? How about a tour announcement?

We'll just have to wait until August 23 to find out, that is unless anyone else leaks the info.