Tom Delonge Spills On Blink-182 Break-up

Tom Delonge Spills On Blink-182 Break-up
Angels and Airwaves released their first DVD, Start the Machine on Tuesday (June 17). No thanks you say? Perhaps, but recently released clips of the movie show front-man Tom Delonge talking candidly about the break-up of his old band, Blink-182, something the members have not discussed in-depth since they went on an "indefinite hiatus” in 2005.

Of the break-up Delonge says, "The way Blink worked, the magic of it, was that there were three totally different people in it. And the way we all came together, we created something really beautiful and great and exciting. Towards the tail-end there, we weren’t 16 years-old anymore. We were approaching 30 and we all had families and different needs and priorities. For me, myself in particular, I was gone from my family for two years straight, so I needed to be home with my daughter. She was approaching two years old and I hadn’t been home for any of her pregnancy or any of her first year and a half, we were touring. So I needed to go home, but the band was doing so well, no one wanted to go home and we all kind of just couldn’t communicate anymore.”

Delonge also cites his Blink side-project Boxcar Racer as a source of tension between himself and Mark Hoppus, saying, "It was one of those weird things where I had to go and try to grow as a musician and he thought it was a thing against him.”

Angels and Airwaves have released two albums since coming together, 2006’s We Don’t Need to Whisper and last year’s I-Empire.

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