Todd Snider New Connection

New Connection is Todd Snider's fifth release and the second for Oh Boy Records. The singer/songwriter has put together a nice and comfy record for those bored by James Taylor, but still in need for inspired acoustic sentiment. When you get past the weak opening title track, Snider hits his stride. On "Vinyl Records," Snider takes the Hank Snow approach, listing his influences. The guy who brought us "Talkin' Seattle Grunge Rock Blues" as a hidden track on 1994's Step Right Up hasn't lost his sense of humour, as demonstrated in "Beer Run" and "Statistician's Blues." There are also some lovely songs and tuneful melodies on this record. He isn't earnest, just heartfelt ("Close Enough To You") and pays tribute to mentor John Prine with his rendition of "Crooked Piece of Time." New Connection is a nice addition to your Americana collection. (Oh Boy)