Today Is the Day Live Till You Die

While it is true that Bränn Dailor and Bill Kelliher (the rhythm section for T.I.T.D.'s most technical, brutal and metal album, In The Eyes of God) have parted ways with the Reverend Steve Austin (the criminally insane cult leader behind Today Is The Day), the "rock" shall survive. The Reverend has already put together a new, improved line-up and started recording for the next end-time message. In the meantime, we have this collection of live recordings and covers to tide the congregation over until Austin's next sermon. Drawing from a plethora of live shows, and taking the covers from the In The Eyes Of God sessions, Live Till You Die is a highly erratic, but nevertheless brilliant record that showcases T.I.T.D. in all their fury, serenity and hostility. While the recorded quality of the live material varies from excellent to poor to mediocre, the performances are outstanding, especially on "In The Eyes of God," "The Color of Psychic Power" and "The Man Who Loved To Hurt Himself," where T.I.T.D.'s combination of noise, metal and unbridled technical proficiency truly shine. However, it is the covers that are the real treat of Live..., with "Feel Like Makin' Love" (Bad Company), "Wicked Game" (Chris Isaac) and "Why Don't We Do It In The Road" (the Beatles) all being remade in T.I.T.D.'s image. While Live Till You Die may be erratic in nature, such is the case with Steve Austin and T.I.T.D., making for a truly unique glimpse of both the man and his music, and a fitting album to bridge the gap until his next studio full-length. (Relapse)