Toasters One More Bullet

Toasters One More Bullet
The Toasters are one of those classic bands that any self-respecting music genre needs. The world is lucky that they’re still doing their thing because One More Bullet is a great record. There are all the traditional ska elements: driving, bouncy bass; clean guitar up-strokes; and almost-reggae style vocals. But it’s the accompanying brass section and organ that make these songs great. The horns rise above the other instruments at just the right moments to add the perfect punch, while the organ slinks and slides in the background, creating a groove that pervades the entire record. The songs on One More Bullet can easily be imagined as the soundtrack to some sweaty dance club where checkered-clad men and women dance the nights away, kicking up dust and sweating up a storm.

What was your favourite part about recording the new album?
Vocalist/guitarist Rob "Bucket” Hingley: The best part was actually working with the Spanish engineers. Over there people just look at music in a whole different way. They have a really good feel for it, so even though this guy never recorded a ska band he just intuitively knew what to do and where to put stuff. That and just working with some of the local Spanish musicians, they were really great guys to work with.

You’ve had more than 40 members in the Toasters over the years. Has that changed the songwriting process?
In a sense, because what happens is you have different guys bringing in different influences. I’d say that coming out of New York, which is a cultural melting pot, you’re exposed to a lot more musical styles than you would be if you were in Minneapolis. I think obviously someone acting as an individual, and depending on who’s in the band, maybe the angles work differently. I think that what the Toasters have always managed to do is create a signature sound, so no matter who is contributing the end result is a Toasters song; it just might have different flavours. (Stomp)