To Die For Epilogue

I'm always up for some good Finnish goth, but then who isn't? Guitar solos galore and power chords a plenty, this disc certainly fulfills its metal quotient; they even have those quintessential metal vocal harmonies! It wobbles on the line between the two genres and will appeal to fans in both camps. The greatest part of this ten-song set is the vocals. Where you would expect to hear that sub-octave microphone belching so common to many European metal acts, we find very clear, almost Icicle Works-ish (you know, "Whisper to a Scream") voices, which kind of adds a more delicate melodic touch. They provide a nice foil for the complexity of sound that's going on in behind. A few tender keyboard moments and slower numbers sprinkled in for good measure, and a nice overall gothic feel is achieved. (Nuclear Blast)