TK Webb Phantom Parade

With bona fide Missouri roots, a quaking, ravaged voice and a handy harmonica, TK Webb is arguably one of the best blues guitarists on the current New York scene. Phantom Parade, his third album to date and second on Brooklyn-based label the Social Registry is everything a folk/blues album should be. "Sunday Night” is a classic lament with Webb’s vocals rasping over measured drums and laidback riffs with the haunting words, "My friend lay on the floor and died.” Webb’s lyrics, like most blues artists worth the title, often bemoan lost loves, lost friends and opportunities on "Lesser Dude,” where he sings the gruff lyrics, "My name is midnight/I’ll bring you diamonds.” Though this album feels somewhat less gritty than his last effort, it nonetheless brings his classic blues guitar to the forefront especially on the opener "The Desert.” For fans of the genre it’s difficult to find fault with this album or indeed, this artist. The track, "You Got Faded,” however, opens unimaginatively — like a well known My Morning Jacket tune. (Social Registry)