Title Fight Documentary Part 1 + 2 (video)

Title Fight Documentary Part 1 + 2 (video)
In the last couple of years, Pennsylvania punk act Title Fight have emerged with the debut LP Shed followed by the upcoming follow-up Floral Green. Now, you can get a behind-the-scenes look at the band's story so far by checking out a short documentary.

Part one of this two-part doc is 13 minutes, and the clip largely concerns the group's time on the road. It includes backstage footage and scenes from the van, plus some shots from shows, but the bulk of the video consists of talking-head interviews rather than concert clips. The band seem to be skateboard enthusiasts who have a penchant for chips and cookies.

Look for part two of the documentary to arrive on August 18 and for Floral Green to drop on September 18 via SideOneDummy.

For now, check out the video below and see all Title Fights' upcoming dates here, which include several Canadian stops.

UPDATE: Courtesy of AUX, you can watch the second part of the doc below.