Tindersticks "Hey Lucinda" (video)

Tindersticks 'Hey Lucinda' (video)
Paired nicely with the sight of the suds-selling Tudor Bar is Tindersticks leader Stuart Staples' lovingly sung "Hey Lucinda, come out drinking with me tonight." A setup, if ever there was one, for the group's latest single, conveniently titled "Hey Lucinda." You'll get to explore the sights of a quaint commercial district via a relaxed, slow-panning video.

The track unfurls itself with breezy melodies, a back-and-forth vocal pattern, and ultra-spacious thwacks of a steel drum. As the music plays in the background, we see people passing through the Fun Palace, cafeterias and chipperies, the residents all fading in and out of view.

It's a low-key preview to the band's new The Waiting Room LP, and you can watch it down below courtesy of The Playlist. The album arrives January 22 via City Slang.