Tindersticks "Black Smoke"

Tindersticks 'Black Smoke'
TRACK OF THE DAY: Suddenly lively and prolific, the Tindersticks return with a new album this February and, if "Black Smoke" is any indication, it promises to be a breezy gust of timeless art-rock.

Somewhere between the Stones and Velvet Underground, "Black Smoke" is a rather upbeat construction from a band known more for moody abstraction than sly pop finesse. While leader Stuart Staples croons with a lounge singer's easy aplomb, his stream-of-consciousness lyrical dexterity conveys a harrowing narrative, whose imagery is muffled by the subtle stomp of the band and cherry bounce of back-up vocalists chirping "black smoke, black smoke" in an eternal chorus.

Falling Down a Mountain isn't due until February 16, 2010, but "Black Smoke" provides fans with a cool glimpse at the Tindersticks in full rejuvenation.

Listen to "Black Smoke" here.