Tinashe "Company"

Tinashe 'Company'
After revamping Rihanna's "Sex with Me" earlier in the month, R&B singer Tinashe is back to promoting some music of her own. The latest track to arrive ahead of her long-awaited Joyride is a no-strings-attached banger called "Company."

The track features a bedrock of boom, some skittered synth squelches and what might be the percussive whomp of digi-marimba. Above this, Tinashe talks about how she's looking for a bit of companionship, but not necessarily a relationship ("I don't need no problems with nobody").

You can keep Tinashe company by giving the song a stream down below. What you do with your time once the song is finished is entirely your business.

Joyride is expected to be released this fall.