featuring M.I.A. "Come Around”

BY Cam LindsayPublished Apr 3, 2007

No, this isn’t as mind-blowing as everyone wants it to be, but it does compensate a smidge for that drink coaster of an album Timbaland just released. After months of hype over a guest list that reads like a who’s who in million-selling albums these days, Shock Value comes out with an explicit warning tag that reads: "This album’s ‘value’ is purely in its ability to ‘shock’ everyone with bungling rhymes courtesy of the mega producer and half-assed guest spots by should-be certified golden collaborators.” (Actually, that’s a lie.) Unfortunately, the beat he drops for Miss Maya is pretty weak compared to what he can wrap around Nelly or J-T. But this is still M.I.A. making the best of what she’s been given, and at times she feels well heeled with ol’ Timbo. Her rhymes bounce off the belly-dancing beat like a dime on a tight-ass, with even his spit doing more polishing than tarnishing as it sits in the background for more of a cameo — a smart move on his part. A bonus track on the UK version of his album, it’s a shame Timbaland didn’t push for its inclusion on these shores. But like I said, this isn’t nearly enough to change anyone’s mind about the bomb he just dropped. Can’t wait to hear how he’s planning to under-appreciate Björk.
Timbaland feat. M.I.A. "Come Around”

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