Timbaland "Bounce" (ft. Jay Z) (demo)

Timbaland 'Bounce' (ft. Jay Z) (demo)
Timbaland has previewed his "Bounce" single with Jay Z onstage and in the clubs, and now he's giving us another taste by leaking a rough demo of the Jigga-assisted track.

Keep in mind, this is not a polished version of the cut but just a demo — though we get an idea of the hard-hitting clap, bass boom and spectral synth sounds, it fades out pre-maturely around the two-and-a-half-minute mark.

Jay Z's chain-swinging verses aren't pushed up into the mix, instead coming across as if the microphone is on the other side of a titanium vault door. Timbo's vocal ticks and "Uh-huhs," though whispered, are dominating his bud's bars.

All the same, you can check out Timbaland's current sneak peek of his upcoming Textbook Timbo LP down below.