Tim the Mute "Lights on Broadway" (Ruiseart remix) (video)

Tim the Mute 'Lights on Broadway' (Ruiseart remix) (video)
Last year, Kingfisher Bluez boss man Tim the Mute (a.k.a. Tim Clapp) released his surprisingly dense LP Take My Life... Please! Before he drops his next new material, he's revisited those songs for a new dance 12-inch.

Manchester producer Ruiseart has hopped on some Take My Life tracks to deliver some fresh takes. The songs "Lights on Broadway" and "Facebook Eulogy" have been redefined as a "classic electro boogie workout" and a "psychedelic, tropical groover" respectively. 

Watch the video for Ruiseart's "Lights on Broadway" remix below, and pick up your copy of the 12-inch here (if you're in Canada) or here (if you're in the UK).